ARTWORK - Constelaciones

Constelaciones started as a project ment to show the correspondences between details on the human body surface and celestial or astronomical maps. With the obtained visual materials, I experimented different ways to "translate" those into sounds. On this basis, the project has been changing course until it has taken a mediating position between the visual and the audible.

The current goal of this project is to deepen the analogies between visual arts and western classical music:

  • Noting the differences and similarities among the images generated by the sounds of the twenty four tonalities. (Photographies)
  • From the opposite point of view, creating video-art works where the visual part is the main character, and studying the relationships between image and sound afterwards. (Video)
  • Looking for possible relationships between these images and the ones generated by a previously composed music. That means, investigating whether there are ways to recognize harmonic progressions in a visual way.

"Constelaciones" 2012
Video installation
Can you guess the main tonality by looking at the photographies below?

"Constelaciones" 2012
Photographies of the 24 tonalities

Detailed view of mechanical installation

Detalied view of the stars

"Constelaciones" 2012
Original installation

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